ARITH-MATIC · Series One
Kickstarting June 2018
Computational Hardware for Pragmatists

ARITH-MATIC is a British computational hardware project and micro startup. We craft a range of ultra cool DIY hardware kits which beautifully dissect the complex mechanisms of computation.

We’re proud to be pre-launching our flagship kit - the S1-AU Mk1 - a humble 4-bit arithmetic unit designed with 7400 series integrated circuits. Created for pragmatic computing enthusiasts, hobbyists and makers, we’ve designed the S1-AU Mk1 to dissect the binary operations performed at the heart of computational machines.

The kit contains all the through-hole components you’ll need to build your own 4-bit arithmetic unit and will enable you to visually trace binary operations through an array of onboard LEDs.

Along with the S1-AU Mk1 Operator’s Technical Manual, our beautifully crafted PCBs will guide you through construction and operation. All you need to bring is your trusty soldering gear and a steady hand.

Inspired by the homebrew computer movement of the late 70’s and early 80’s, ARITH-MATIC started life as a humble kitchen table project. It has since taken on a life of its own and turned into a fledgling startup.

We will soon be crowdfunding to help launch the first series of kits and need your support to revive the homebrew spirit of computation!

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