Computational Hardware for Pragmatists

ARITH-MATIC is a computational hardware project with the aim to engineer a range of DIY electronic kits which explore the guts of computing.

ARITH-MATIC's flagship kit - the S1-AU Mk1 - is a 4-bit arithmetic unit. It is designed with classic 7400 series ICs and enables you to explore the arithmetic of computing.

The second kit - the S1-MU Mk1 - uses a LY62256PL RAM IC and explores the mechanisms required to read and write data to a memory.

Both kits are not only a pragmatic introduction to computing hardware and digital electronics, but also a unique soldering exercise for computing enthusiasts, hobbyists, students and makers.

Explore the fundamentals of computing with the ARITH-MATIC S1-AU Mk1

The kits contain all the through-hole electronic components you’ll need to build your own computational hardware and enable you to visually trace computing operations through a series of on-board ultra bright LEDs - so you can really see and understand how different parts of a computer work!

Along with our comprehensive 'Operator’s Technical Manuals', our beautifully engineered PCBs will guide you through construction and operation. All you need to bring is your trusty soldering iron and a steady hand.

ARITH-MATIC kits are a perfect resource for anybody wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of computing and a unique project for those wishing to rediscover the joy of 7400 series logic.

To learn more about the S1-AU and S1-MU, please visit the ARITH-MATIC DIY Electronic kits page.

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"This 4-bit arithmetic logic unit looks great and teaches important lessons about computing." - Stephen Cass, IEEE Spectrum Review

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