Series 1 - Memory Unit
Our pre-production S1-MU PCB

What is a memory unit?

A memory unit is a collection of digital circuitry used to store and access binary information. Although in modern computer architectures memory units can take many forms, they are typically used to store the instructions and data used to execute computer software.

Coming Soon: ARITH-MATIC S1-MU Mk1

The S1-MU Mk1 is a simple 8-bit memory unit designed with classic 7400 series integrated circuits. It is the second in a series of DIY electronic kits designed to dissect the complex mechanisms of computation.

The kit is a practical introduction to the basic binary mechanisms required to address, read from, and write data to memory.

Using 74HC173 registers for temporary data storage, a LY62256PL RAM IC for main memory, and a 74HC193 for sequential memory access, the assembled board will enable you to address, read from, write to, and sequentially access the binary data within a dedicated RAM IC.

The S1-MU Mk1 operates through tactile interactions using a carefully designed array of push button switches, and binary operations can be visually traced through a series of on-board ultra bright LEDs.

The S1-MU Mk1 is in pre-production and will be launched in 2019!

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