STEM-X1: 4-bit Adder/Subtractor

The STEM-X1 is a unique DIY electronic kit for educators, students and curious makers. It provides a hands-on way to learn the basics of binary arithmetic through digital electronics.

STEM-X1: Learn the basics of binary arithmetic the hands-on way

The STEM-X1 is a beautifully engineered DIY electronic kit which enables you to build your own 4-bit adder / subtractor and learn the basics of binary arithmetic. It is a unique and hands-on STEM activity which blends computing theory with practical digital electronics.

The kit comes as a complete collection of through-hole components and a beautifully engineered STEM-X1 PCB. And our easy to follow assembly guide will enable you to build and operate a fully working 4-bit adder and subtractor.

The assembled kit enables you to perform 4-bit addition and subtraction through an array of ultra-bright LEDs, so you can really see and understand how binary works. All you need to bring is a trusty soldering iron and a steady hand!

Our kits are a fun and rewarding soldering activity for educators, students and makers. The STEM-X1 supports STEM learning by blending core computing concepts with a real electronics application, so you can connect theory and practice in an intuitive and hands-on way!

For educators:

The STEM-X1 is the perfect tool for teaching computing concepts in a fun, memorable and hands-on way. It enables you to bring abstract theory to life using real hardware - reinforcing classroom learning.

For students:

Learn the basics of binary arithmetic in a memorable and enjoyable way. The STEM-X1 is the perfect learning tool to complement your understanding and enables you to calculate and check 4-bit arithmetic at the press of a button!

For makers:

Looking for a rewarding weekend electronics project or STEM activity without spending a fortune? ARITH-MATIC kits are a perfect learning activity for curious individuals, family or friends and an ideal project for practicing soldering skills.

Coming soon: The STEM-X1 is the latest kit from ARITH-MATIC, it is currently in pre-production and will be arriving in autumn 2019.

What's included in the STEM-X1 Kit?

The kit contains all the through-hole electronic components you’ll need to build a working 4-bit adder /subtractor, and includes:

  • STEM-X1 Mainboard PCB (85m x 75mm)
  • Backplate PCB (with screws and nuts for mounting)
  • Electronic Components Kit
  • STEM-X1 Assembly Guide (downloadable .pdf - English language only)
STEM-X1 pre-production panel
A pre-production PCB Panel containing the STEM-X1 mainboard and backplate.

The kit is supplied with a comprehensive assembly guide (as a downloadable .pdf - English language only) which provides clear instructions of how to fully construct the STEM-X1. The assembly guide also includes a primer on binary addition and subtraction (using two's complement) for those unfamiliar with binary arithmetic.

The STEM-X1 is recommended for ages 14+ and some soldering experience is required to construct the kit.

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