ARITH-MATIC PB-1 Prototyping PCB

The PB-1 is a specialised prototyping PCB by ARITH-MATIC.

Specifically designed for prototyping integrated circuit projects, the PB-1 will bring permanence to your electronic circuit designs - without the hassle of stripboard, or the frustration of loose wires from solderless breadboards!

Front and Back of PB-1
Front and back of the ARITH-MATIC PB-1

The PB-1 measures a large 162mm x 100mm, making it ideal for both modest and complex circuit designs which use through-hole components. Based on a unique "hybrid" board design with a black gloss finish, the PB-1 features:

PB-1 Board Layout
PB-1 showing both power (red) and gnd (green) rails

The PB-1 will be released in a one-off, limited edition batch at 19:00 GMT on Tuesday 15th January. Price £8.95 each - limited to maximum of 3 per customer. Shipping to UK / EU / US only.

So, what are you going to prototype?

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Image of PB-1 Prototyping PCB
not currently avaliable. check back soon for further updates.
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