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What does S1-AU stand for?

S1-AU stands for 'Series 1 - Arithmetic Unit'

What is an Arithmetic Unit?

An Arithmetic Unit enables computers to perform binary arithmetic. It is one of the most important parts of a CPU (Central Processing Unit). An Arithmetic Unit which also performs logical operations is commonly referred to as an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).

The S1-AU Mk1 uses a USB cable - is it programmable?

The S1-AU Mk1 is not programmable - it requires manual operation through onboard switches. The USB cable is only used to deliver power to the unit, so there is no need to rely on batteries.

Who are your kits designed for?

Our Series 1 kits are designed for computing enthusiasts, hobbyists and makers. The kits are recommended for ages 16+ and for those who already have some soldering skills and experience.

Is the S1-AU Mk1 shipping worldwide?

We are currently only shipping to the UK, EU and US.

What are the other kits in the series?

Series 1 will include three kits: an Arithmetic Unit, a Memory Unit and a Control Unit.

Is it ARITH-MATIC, Arith-Matic, or arith-matic?

We tend to use ARITH-MATIC, simply because we like it that way!