Series 1 - Control Unit
Our pre-production S1-CU PCB

What is a control unit?

An control unit is a collection of digital circuitry used to orchestrate a fetch-decode-execute process. It is a key part of a CPU (Central Processing Unit) and is used to clock computational states, decode instructions and generate control signals.

In development: ARITH-MATIC S1-CU Mk1

The S1-MU Mk1 is a control unit designed with classic 7400 series integrated circuits. It will be the final kit in the ARITH-MATIC Series 1 range.

The kit has been designed as a practical introduction to the basic binary mechanisms required to clock computational states, decode instruction and generate control words through the use of microinstructions.

The S1-MU Mk1 is currently in the final stages of development...

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