Due to the Covid-19 situation and impact of brexit, shipment is currently limited to UK and US customers only.

Who are your kits designed for?

ARITH-MATIC electronic kits are designed for computing enthusiasts, hobbyists, students and makers. The kits are recommended for ages 16+ and for those who already have some soldering skills and experience.

Where can I buy your kits?

ARITH-MATIC kits can now be ordered through the ARITH-MATIC Tindie store.

Where can I download ARITH-MATIC kit manuals?

The 'Operator's Technical Manual' for the S1-AU, S1-MU and STEM-X1 can be downloaded from the manuals page.

The S1 kits use a USB cable - are they programmable?

Both the S1-AU and S1-MU are not programmable - they requires manual operation through onboard switches. The USB cable is only used to deliver power to the units, so there is no need to rely on batteries.

Are the S1 kits shipping worldwide?

Sadly, due to the impact of covid19 and brexit ARITH-MATIC kits are only shipping to the UK. An updated shipping policy can be found here: shipping update.

Where can I find your site terms & conditions and privacy policy?

It can be found: right here :)