What does S1-AU stand for?

S1-AU stands for 'Series 1 - Arithmetic Unit'

What is an Arithmetic Unit?

An Arithmetic Unit enables computers to perform binary arithmetic. It is one of the most important parts of a CPU (Central Processing Unit). An Arithmetic Unit which also performs logical operations is commonly referred to as an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).

Is the S1-AU Mk1 shipping worldwide?

We are currently only shipping to the UK, EU and US. As a micro startup, shipping the S1-AU Mk1 worldwide would add additional challenges in terms of logistics, customer support, troubleshooting, and in meeting local compliance regulations. As such, we've decided to provide a limited release so we can offer an experience to our customers that we are completely confident in. As soon as we are able to ship to other countries/regions we'll let you know.

How can I keep up to date with the ARITH-MATIC project?

Easy! You can follow us via Twitter. And, for exclusive updates and launch news join our mailing list by visiting the ARITH-MATIC homepage.

The S1-AU Mk1 uses a USB cable - is it programmable?

The S1-AU Mk1 is not programmable - it requires manual operation through onboard switches. The USB cable is only used to deliver power to the unit, so there is no need to rely on batteries.

Who are your kits designed for?

Our Series 1 kits are designed for computing enthusiasts, hobbyists and makers. The kits are recommended for ages 16+ and for those who already have some soldering skills and experience.

What are the other kits in the series?

Series 1 will include three kits: an Arithmetic Unit, a Memory Unit and a Control Unit.

Is it ARITH-MATIC, Arith-Matic, or arith-matic?

We tend to use ARITH-MATIC, simply because we like it that way!

What happens if I have problems constructing the kit?

If you have problems constructing the S1-AU Mk1 we can help. Firstly, we provide some easy to follow troubleshooting tips through our ‘Operator’s Technical Manual’. However, if this doesn’t solve the problem you can contact us via: support@arith-matic.com and we’ll do our best to help.

In this instance, we’ll ask you to provide a high-resolution image of the back of the S1-AU Mk1 which is in sharp focus and taken under bright lighting conditions. We will then do our best to work with you to troubleshoot the possible problem(s).

S1-AU Mk1 owners are welcome to send the kit to us for a full inspection should a problem occur, but you’ll need to pay the postage fee. If we subsequently find you have received a faulty component, we’ll refund the postage and offer a repair or replacement as appropriate.